Tuesday, January 27, 2009

انا في مصر و لا آحب. آمتعي لا في المطور و معي ٢٧٠ جنيهات. ماذا آفعل؟؟؟ خائف جدا على هذا. هنا في مصر حتى اليوم آحد و اليوم اثثاء! سرق مرشد تجوال جنيهاتي. هوتل ٩٠٠ جنيهات ليلا.لا عرف آين آذهب بعد هذه الليله .

Monday, January 19, 2009

It's been about 19 days since my last diarrheal dump of words into this blog. However, it seems as if Your Vacuous Girl isn't so vacuous after all...which begs of the question: do we have a misnomer here? The time away was not spent in front of the computer screen--oh no, for in its place were times spent in Itaewon (again, more or less a mecca for foreigners), Hongdae, Hyehwa, and Lotte World--venturing back into the social market. Yes, Yours Truly does have those crazy little things called friends...and apparently that crazy little thing called a social life. Moreover, it just might be that those whom are considered to be friends actually enjoy my accompanying them on the various adventures around Seoul. Or not? They enjoy me? They enjoy me not? Those petals are consistently being plucked in my mind--since it wouldn't really be environmentally-friendly to pluck real ones.

On another note, I am not going to Iran...again. The travelcockblocker has pretty much been my American citizenship, since traveling independently is prohibited for American citizens--and an unwanted tour guide would make a profit of $100 a day. Kish Island parts from the mainland in virtually every way, and settling post-$1000 is not an option. Perhaps waiting until March would be most optimal. Vacation time technically starts in four days, ergo a destination must be set, and sofort.

Later today, Barack Obama will be sworn in as America's 44th President. Some have been passionately awaiting this moment, but this reality still has not set in with me. The inauguration is today, but my political-biological clock is still in sync with November--unexpecting of an inauguration until another two months. In other words, my iPods are more in sync than said clock, but I know that this inauguration translates to: I had better get my travel on...and I had better do so tout de suite.

Ok, so this isn't so diarrheal of a word dump, but it doesn't derive from constipation. It's difficult being such a social bee (obviously), and I'm busy slacking in my lingual pursuits and trying to see the light when it comes to vacation destination.