Thursday, February 26, 2009

Well, God certainly has bestowed riches upon me on this eve of my coming-of-age: Not only art my moneybags now twice my weight (thanks to the rather handsome gtfo-of-our- company payment and final monthly salary), but I was just given the best new toy that trumps all other toys out there on the market: Flock.

Once upon a 92834759 times before, Safari--deemed the most expeditious browser for the refined Apple (pleonasm) user--went undoubtedly schizoid on me. The widely known fact that Safari does not allow one to restore his or her previous session on the internet added to my frustration. Therefore, a damsel in distress, in dire need of restoring normalcy to her cyberlife, turns to Google to find a means of escape from overload-induced freezes (Firefox) and site incompatibility (Opera). Thus a search for "best internet browsers" yielded 80 trillion results, but scrolling was unnecessary after having seen the first or the second link.

After an appealing synopsis, I made no haste in downloading Flock, for a distressed damsel has no time to waste...especially when serious business like the internet is pressing. Well, after the quick download and installation, I opened the application. Much like finding one's blind date to be Rain/비 (90% of Korean men look like him, so I don't understand the wherefores of my investment in him) or Johnny Depp (no longer that appealing due to de trop mainstreaming of his attractiveness,

Let me start again, and pardon the digression. Much like finding one's blind date to be Rain/비 or Johnny Depp, I was awestruck by this new suitor. Beheld this studly creature I did--I'm obviously still beholding. Lo, for I have pictures of this on-going date, which I'm guessing has become more of a courting:

  • My World (leftmost button): One-click latest 411 acquisition. Win! View your feeds (there's .opml compatibility, so you may import your feeds from other feed purveyors), stalk your Facebook friends/acquaintances a little (or en masse), and view a slew of videos that you enjoy. (Do NOT notice the time, because this entry is not in continuation of eight or so hours ago. Not at all.) 8)

  • People Sidebar (second from the left): Your connections aggregated into a nice compact window. Your Facebook and Youtube connections (and some others, but those are the only two sites on my People Finder) will be shown in the sidebar.

  • Photo Uploader (rightmost button): The interface within an interface for dragging-and-dropping photos. Once you click on the button, you only need to drag your photos of choice into a spacious gray box, set the destination for your upload, and your photo will be uploaded. Or one may drag and drop the photo into the Media Sidebar, which is the horizontal side bar seen above the window in the aforeposted picture. Should the Media Sidebar be too imposing on your browsing experience, you are able to conveniently close the sidebar by clicking on the "Close Media Bar" button (the third button from the left in the tab).

  • The Feeds Sidebar (fourth button from the left) opens your imported feeds in the left sidebar, and the Mail icon will give you a drop box to play with your mail.

  • The starry-iconed surprise that you see is the Favorites sidebar, which conveniently gives you easier access to your favorites (this trumps having to click the arrow at the top-right corner of your browser window in Firefox (or one of the tabs at the top of the top of the computer in Safari). Adjacent to this utility is the powerful icon that somewhat justifies the delusion that one is the Supreme Ruler of the Cyberworld. Not necessarily so, for you only have master access to your accounts on GMail, Facebook, &c. My apologies for giving anyone hope that's already been dashed. 8)

  • Lastly, but not least...-ly, are the Web Clipboard, in which one may drag URLs and images from websites in order to access them at a later point--in other words, Right-click + Save As-ers may more easily just drag-and-drop and see just how much fapping material they save to their computers (awesome, cheers), and the Blog Editing utility(?), which opens up a window and allows those uneducated in HTML to easily edit their text.

Now that you've been made cognizant of the presence and awesomeness of Flock, be ye proselytized and rid your computers of Firefox (though essentially one may think of Flock as the "After" in a Before/After comparison with Firefox), Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer. Though, like the vast majority of men/women/suitors, there are latent flaws that have yet to be discovered by me. For example, my computer's fan has been working like a Mauritanian slave. Perhaps Flock will walk the path of Safari and abruptly quit on me while I'm at the end of a blog entry...and so on...

This blog entry was typed over the span of 30 or so hours, because I felt like death yesterday afternoon. So debilitated am I right now that the real death might happen today, the day of my coming-of-age. Awesome. Nonetheless I am going to obliterate all two of you readers of my blog with this nuke of Cuteness^^:

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My internet withdrawal symptoms have subdued me into squandering 3,000 won (only about $3 x 10-24 these days) to take the taxi ride to the 24-hour Express Bus Terminal. The PC방 directly across the street from my new apartment would have provided for a convenient return to my apartment, but it also could have cost me more than the round-trip taxi rides.

(Actually, it might have amounted to the same cost as the taxi, but I didn't feel like bothering with traversing the nearly carless road to inquire about the 방's hourly rates for internet access. Now you have insight into just how painstaking I am in regards to avoiding the cold.)

With a few lights on and even fewer people, Yours Truly sits here in Express Bus Terminal...somewhat insouciantly procrastinating in completing a CV. Affirmative, a CV--curriculum vitae: the post-steroidal résumé, which seems to benefit solely those who hold advanced degrees, publications, credentials in research and professorship, and the like. There is a 1/0 chance that I'll be completing this CV before I proceed to the basement, indulge in McDonald's breakfast, and return to my apartment basically to be dead for a few hours from this exhaustion that has clung to me like rice on white (dang @ I think the phrase needs to be reversed).

Whilst cyber-meandering, I found SG Wannabe's La-La-La song. Now, Korean music artists have songs that catch the ear and the mind just as much as Western songs, but there are also some songs and/or artists/groups that seem to protrude among the masses of Korean artists: and this is one of those songs-- therefore, one of the groups--which does so:

This is a rather old (but not yet obsolete) song, but having heard it played on the overhead speakers in McDonald's served as a reminder of just how fond I have always been of that song. This is the first time that I'm seeing the actual video that was made with the song. It certainly has served as a pleasant eddy in this dreary flow of Wonder Girls, Big Bang, and the other pop artists/groups one is sure to hear on the radio or on various store tracks.

So I'm thinking that my chances of actually getting this job went into this black hole after having divided by zero, since, you know: :/

As Gossip Girl would say, "Spotted." Vacuous Girl. Divide-by-zero-ed.



Vacuous/0 Girl

Friday, February 20, 2009

My. So much has happened since my last update. In approximately 10 days, Korea and this company will be history. Chicago is the destination on my pending plane ticket, but my imagination is wandering to nearly every other destination but Chicago. Also, I'm nowhere near as ecstatic as I was about my departure from Korea; I'm actually somewhat uneasy about it.

My future doesn't seem as lugubrious as it had after having left Tokyo, for I plan on passing GO[on with your life] with more than just $200 (my moneybags shalt overfloweth with a staggering $201 after the ruthless beating inflicted upon the Korean won). How income is to be maintained still needs to be determined, and that is the part about which I need to be fretting. Being one avid for consumption--and not entirely "rational" by economic standards--it's high time that I be expedient and more steadfast about this. In addition, I need to turn my re"settling" in Chicago into a sojourn, for I've become hypersensitized to the cold and the dry climate that oftimes accompanies it. Therefore, Chicago will hopefully be an extended stopover before landing in the annually tepid/scorching, possibly humid land that remains unbeknownst to me.

Has the international propagation of my résumé commenced? It has not. Much like the possible frustrations derived from the delays caused by the sometimes distorted-to-illegibility alphanumeric text required to sign up for websites, &c., your ever-so-non-vacuous one has been being filled with frustrations due to one (or more) of three things:

  • Certification (e.g. TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, &c.)

  • A copy of the degree that I'm pretty sure that I don't have here in Korea

  • Some extraneous requirement such as 23329487329 eons of experience...oftimes coexisting with the requirement for certification. Double fail @

Each of these has delayed 100% of my applications. Thus, the future-securing drama continues, and it will diffuse into my likely lack of a life in America. Stay tuned to see if the jobs to which I apply here in the coffee shop will land me any success.

...then again, stay tuned to see if I actually succeed at applying to any jobs.