Sunday, February 22, 2009

My internet withdrawal symptoms have subdued me into squandering 3,000 won (only about $3 x 10-24 these days) to take the taxi ride to the 24-hour Express Bus Terminal. The PC방 directly across the street from my new apartment would have provided for a convenient return to my apartment, but it also could have cost me more than the round-trip taxi rides.

(Actually, it might have amounted to the same cost as the taxi, but I didn't feel like bothering with traversing the nearly carless road to inquire about the 방's hourly rates for internet access. Now you have insight into just how painstaking I am in regards to avoiding the cold.)

With a few lights on and even fewer people, Yours Truly sits here in Express Bus Terminal...somewhat insouciantly procrastinating in completing a CV. Affirmative, a CV--curriculum vitae: the post-steroidal résumé, which seems to benefit solely those who hold advanced degrees, publications, credentials in research and professorship, and the like. There is a 1/0 chance that I'll be completing this CV before I proceed to the basement, indulge in McDonald's breakfast, and return to my apartment basically to be dead for a few hours from this exhaustion that has clung to me like rice on white (dang @ I think the phrase needs to be reversed).

Whilst cyber-meandering, I found SG Wannabe's La-La-La song. Now, Korean music artists have songs that catch the ear and the mind just as much as Western songs, but there are also some songs and/or artists/groups that seem to protrude among the masses of Korean artists: and this is one of those songs-- therefore, one of the groups--which does so:

This is a rather old (but not yet obsolete) song, but having heard it played on the overhead speakers in McDonald's served as a reminder of just how fond I have always been of that song. This is the first time that I'm seeing the actual video that was made with the song. It certainly has served as a pleasant eddy in this dreary flow of Wonder Girls, Big Bang, and the other pop artists/groups one is sure to hear on the radio or on various store tracks.

So I'm thinking that my chances of actually getting this job went into this black hole after having divided by zero, since, you know: :/

As Gossip Girl would say, "Spotted." Vacuous Girl. Divide-by-zero-ed.



Vacuous/0 Girl