Friday, October 31, 2008


I'm going to go and buy little saccharine goodies for the students in one of my classes. I enjoy teaching them, so they deserve the candy. I would have even dressed up if there were an event to which I would like to go. Actually, I'd love to go trick-or-treating, but I know that (a) Koreans don't go trick-or-treating (according to my seemingly scant knowledge of Korea), and (b) everyone would think that I would want to kill them or some thing or another.

I need to start dressing up for Halloween again; I can't remember the last time I just bedizened and donned an outrageous coif...other than yesterday--or every day for that matter. I remember the heretofore and, for the foreseeable future, hereafter unrealized desire of having wanted to go as the Pinhead for Halloween:

If only we were capable of making a grid out of our faces and making needles protrude from our skulls at perfect coordinates.

A distant second was The Crow:

Let me not digress to the fact that I used to want him. I'm not one for necrophilia...or excavating Brandon Lee's body...just in case you couldn't tell.

Or I could just go as Mileena...outrank her in the hierarchy of sexiness (My grotesque face would be covered, too!)

Or something.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Well, this weekend was one that is worth archiving via my blog. I'm thankful that I didn't squander my entire free time either sitting with my laptop atop my lap (wow, I do see what it is that I did there) or stool or even staying in Seoul.

Well, I had planned not to do any of those things on Saturday, but then I had to have gone and annoyed myself by leaving the apartment too late in the day. I would have liked to leave before noon, but that rarely happens--especially on a Saturday. It had been raining until I had finally left the apartment. However, the raindrops were still coming down as the sun was effulgent and enveloping 서초구 with its late-afternoon light. Here's my attempt to capture this cute little moment of insanity:

Sorry, but my lens couldn't go any closer. (P.S. You may not be able to detect it as well as I thought, but the sun was shining.) This has happened back in my hometown a few times as well. I'd rather have things like this happen than to have an earthquake, for example. Being on the 13th floor makes me especially grateful that Korea seems to be less susceptible to earthquakes than Japan.

Korea--at least, Seoul--has some rather intempestive temperatures and weather, but it also has beautiful skies.

Well, these are beautiful to me. I tried to capture the sun in the second one; I blatantly failed. I have others to share with the 0 readers of my blog, but they're on my external hard drive right now.

An Aside of Sorts: Speaking of external hard drives, I think I'm in need of depleting my bank account even more of the wherewithal for the still-dormantly-pending trip to Iran in about two months--and of consumption-whoring myself to Apple once again by investing in one of the Time Capsules:

That would be amazing, for I also intend on eventually employing Windows and having it render its services...hopefully sans the little helminths that notoriously render Windows OSes--thus, oftimes computers--technologically leprous. Hopefully my will to resist will not be epically O W N E D by...oh, I don't know...its portability...its design...its compactness...its 500 GB capacity...its reasonable price in one of the Apple resellers here in Seoul...&c... My "will" was trumped when it came to the iPod Touch (now, somewhat regrettably); stay tuned to see whether I buy it or not...on the next..All My Children^^ Blog Entry.

Whether or not I'll actually invest in that remains to be answered, while I'm certain that I'll be investing in another thing: eyeshadow. I've been more into making a palette out of my eye area...and I haven't ever been into mixing (but very partial blending is OK). I'm not very conventional at all in terms of choice and application of eyeshadow (not titillating enough). On Saturday, however, I just so happened to apply an aquamarine-esque color, a lime-green color, and a soft purple color; this is what marvelously resulted:

I seriously thanked God for His guiding words and invisible hand that worked wonders for my eyes that day. I absolutely enjoy it when the colors are expressed so vividly, which used to be a problematic feat that seemed insurmountable, even after doing away with the oil that accrues on my upper eyelids. Digressing, I present to you more pictures:

I'm especially loving myself for having taken a few minutes out to take these pictures and digitally archive this very much loved output from this combination. If any of you bloggers (or non-bloggers) were to actually be reading this, I'm sure that some of you may be wondering if I've ever been so inclined as to take up any fashion magazine or make-up book in my hand. I guarantee the you imaginary readers that I have indeed picked up--and actually browsed--many a fashion magazine and make-up book.

I headed out after that short-lived self-photo shoot. Since it was already late in the afternoon, my options regarding things to do were significantly limited...since I had been intending to venture outside of Seoul. The fact that the distant destinations take anywhere between two and four hours to reach and the rather early sunset time here were the main variables that factored in to my decision not to venture far from Seoul that day. So, I decided to return home rather than going to places in Seoul to which I've been 2394873942837429387 times.

Here. Here was the point at which my little microcompact of the aforementioned aquamarine blue-color eyeshadow fell to the ground, spewing out its "entrails" on my (now, thankfully) finished-wooden floor. Vexing, for there goes one of my most favored colors. Vexing it was, but it wasn't irreplaceable. Thus, an excuse for going back out (specifically to COEX)...

Whilst in COEX, I never buy just that which I actually go there to buy...and I'm quite sure that I am not the only one who is like this. The replacement (plus another color) was the first thing that I had bought, but it certainly was not the only thing. After having been disappointed by the lack of sexy vibes from the Apple reseller and Uniqlo, I happened to come upon a rather sizeable office supply store whilst wayfaring. Some sound that might have been comparable to an orgasm came out of my mouth, and that is when i realized just how much I ♥ office supply stores. Even more appreciated was the fact that I purchased the following for only 23,000 won (with the exchange rate right now, =$0.0000000002):

  • LAN splitter

  • a dry erase board

  • a total of six dry erase board markers (which cost less per unit unpackaged)

  • two sets of an unknown number of index cards

  • a dry erase board eraser and cleaning spray

  • three packages of plastic forks (since you can find these almost nowhere

Ugh, ♥.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the A&F shirts that I had bought from COEX. Korea allows me to consume like whoa with little cost to my bank account. This I like.

(I'll make an entry about Sunday later.)

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Snow Queen Main Theme - Jo Seong Wu

I don't really know what The Snow Queen is about yet, but this song is amazing. It seems very much like something that you'd hear on the opening title of a DVD or the opening to a soap opera (more befitting of the former, though). It's also in my favorite key: Db major.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

When nearly all else is failing you, there is alway solace the soaps.

...and if not in the soaps, then somewhere else on the internet.

Monday, October 20, 2008

アメブロが有ります。 韓国で感情が脆く成ります。該当感情が乱気流空気で漂っています。寒い空気と暖空気が混合します「乱気流」と言います。この暖空気を消費から福になります場合と比べますが、寒空気を反対力(例え:該当福の一時的なことや時や人に疑いますから)と比べます。今、この反対力は勝れています。 若しくは、鬱病にことがあり得ると思います。


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ma vie est comme un grand jeu d'Opération. L'objectif est éviter des métals qu'entourent les partes anatomiques du corps. Il y un peu des exceptions: les partes anatomiques sont mes sentiments...jusqu'à ma santé mentale; il n'y a une réflexe "explosive" quand on m'agit; les raisons pour ma irascibilité sont inconnues à mes amis et mes copains.

Il y avait aujourd'hui un BUZZ. Je ne pense pas que peux être l'ami que je dois être--qu'une personne doit être. Comme Dexter ne peut pas sentir la peine des autres, c'est aussi que le bonheur des autres est impalpable pour moi jusqu'à ce que je sente ce bonheur...encore du moins.


Je suis autant intolérant qu'un coréen.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

This past week went quite well. In spite of the fact that I had been convincing myself that not only can I very much do without an iPod Touch but also that I need to be rather parsimonious with my accumulating "wealth" (using this term very liberally), Steve Jobs 1-uped me vicariously through my friend, Brian, who convinced persuaded me to get an iPod Touch.

The iPod Touch is great, as Brian and another co-worker had told me. I hadn't felt the need or a particularly strong desire to buy one. Actually, I would have preferred to have invested in an iPhone, but I think that Korea's iPhones (provided that Magnanimous Apple, Inc. has bestowed the iPhone on the humble Apple resellers here in Korea--which they haven't, and likely won't for the short-term future) are will be(?) regional unless an unlocked SIM card should come with it.

Temporarily Arrested Development of this Blog Entry: Let's indulge in lol-ery for a moment here as we take a look at the overseas future of the iPhone:

This is a huge slap across the face to the vast lot of Korean Apple-philes, especially since Japan gets to boast of being proud sellers of the iPhone. I actually like to see it as a queuing and, subsequently, a serial slapping of each of the said Apple-philes. There's no particular reason for this preferred .gif produced in my head at all. Mali and Venezuela will be getting iPhones...but Korea will apparently be standing along the sidelines, watching others marvel at and play with their new toys. Well, Korea, you already have some nifty little phones, anyway. They just won't have the Apple logo branded on them...unless you were to take the gratuitous Apple sticker that came with your other Apple product and stick it on your phone.

Or something.

Fortunately, the iPod Touch is here in Korea. A purchase of the iPod Touch includes a gratuitous engraving, which is more similar to a printing than an engraving. Neither Brian nor I has our contact information engraved on the back of our iPods. I wanted something that was 'cutesy' but not too mundanely cutesy. Therefore, this is the result of my impromptu design:

Since it might not be readable by some (or most), it says ♥艶Stevie艶♥. In other words, it's something mundanely cutesy >< ...for a woman or gay man in China or (maybe) Japan. I fail.

I just wish that I were able to receive a WiFi signal on the iPod Touch from my apartment room.

The iPod was bought in Apgujeong, a rather fancy area that may be compared to Harajuku in Tokyo. It is also here where Brian and I saw this little Bundle of Cutecute^^:


Yes. Do want. It would most likely cost me my cerebellum and a few hundred won--give or take--since dogs in Asia are daydream-shatteringly expensive.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Aside from a depressing Saturday event whose pictures on my camera solely evidence my having attended, and my Damnable Road to Becoming a Fatty, I'm rather content right now. Yet I must wonder when it is that I am to be pillaged of said contentment. Let us see how long I am capable of controlling my mercurial tendencies.

When did I start this post? Tuesday night. What is the day today? Thursday. It is obvious that I have my priorities straight.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008