Friday, October 31, 2008


I'm going to go and buy little saccharine goodies for the students in one of my classes. I enjoy teaching them, so they deserve the candy. I would have even dressed up if there were an event to which I would like to go. Actually, I'd love to go trick-or-treating, but I know that (a) Koreans don't go trick-or-treating (according to my seemingly scant knowledge of Korea), and (b) everyone would think that I would want to kill them or some thing or another.

I need to start dressing up for Halloween again; I can't remember the last time I just bedizened and donned an outrageous coif...other than yesterday--or every day for that matter. I remember the heretofore and, for the foreseeable future, hereafter unrealized desire of having wanted to go as the Pinhead for Halloween:

If only we were capable of making a grid out of our faces and making needles protrude from our skulls at perfect coordinates.

A distant second was The Crow:

Let me not digress to the fact that I used to want him. I'm not one for necrophilia...or excavating Brandon Lee's body...just in case you couldn't tell.

Or I could just go as Mileena...outrank her in the hierarchy of sexiness (My grotesque face would be covered, too!)

Or something.


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