Saturday, October 18, 2008

This past week went quite well. In spite of the fact that I had been convincing myself that not only can I very much do without an iPod Touch but also that I need to be rather parsimonious with my accumulating "wealth" (using this term very liberally), Steve Jobs 1-uped me vicariously through my friend, Brian, who convinced persuaded me to get an iPod Touch.

The iPod Touch is great, as Brian and another co-worker had told me. I hadn't felt the need or a particularly strong desire to buy one. Actually, I would have preferred to have invested in an iPhone, but I think that Korea's iPhones (provided that Magnanimous Apple, Inc. has bestowed the iPhone on the humble Apple resellers here in Korea--which they haven't, and likely won't for the short-term future) are will be(?) regional unless an unlocked SIM card should come with it.

Temporarily Arrested Development of this Blog Entry: Let's indulge in lol-ery for a moment here as we take a look at the overseas future of the iPhone:

This is a huge slap across the face to the vast lot of Korean Apple-philes, especially since Japan gets to boast of being proud sellers of the iPhone. I actually like to see it as a queuing and, subsequently, a serial slapping of each of the said Apple-philes. There's no particular reason for this preferred .gif produced in my head at all. Mali and Venezuela will be getting iPhones...but Korea will apparently be standing along the sidelines, watching others marvel at and play with their new toys. Well, Korea, you already have some nifty little phones, anyway. They just won't have the Apple logo branded on them...unless you were to take the gratuitous Apple sticker that came with your other Apple product and stick it on your phone.

Or something.

Fortunately, the iPod Touch is here in Korea. A purchase of the iPod Touch includes a gratuitous engraving, which is more similar to a printing than an engraving. Neither Brian nor I has our contact information engraved on the back of our iPods. I wanted something that was 'cutesy' but not too mundanely cutesy. Therefore, this is the result of my impromptu design:

Since it might not be readable by some (or most), it says ♥艶Stevie艶♥. In other words, it's something mundanely cutesy >< ...for a woman or gay man in China or (maybe) Japan. I fail.

I just wish that I were able to receive a WiFi signal on the iPod Touch from my apartment room.

The iPod was bought in Apgujeong, a rather fancy area that may be compared to Harajuku in Tokyo. It is also here where Brian and I saw this little Bundle of Cutecute^^:


Yes. Do want. It would most likely cost me my cerebellum and a few hundred won--give or take--since dogs in Asia are daydream-shatteringly expensive.

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