Sunday, May 07, 2006

While being voraciously nosy, I happened to come across a tape that I quasi-habitually watched during my sophomore year in high school: the MCHS Symphonic Band at the 1998 National Concert Band Festival. It served as a muse, I suppose, because my goal--over which I obsessed like whoa--was to be in Symphonic Band my sophomore year. It brought back memories of being obsessed...and memories of basically every single boy with which I was futilely infatuated in high school.

However, I seemed to notice something this time, that I hadn't really appreciated least not fully. They were damn rocktastic!!! I was blown away by their greatness. I don't think I noticed this before, because I was marinated in Greatness, so I was desensitized by just how great MCHS's band was. Now, seven years and a complete displacement from musical pursuits later, I have a newfound--and maybe even amplified--appreciation for how great we were. I miss is. Sadness. :(

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