Friday, September 26, 2008

Earlier, I told my friend that I sometimes miss being unemployed. I hate the house in which I had grown up, but I actually miss some aspects of living back there. I don't miss the lack of an income, but I very much miss being able to do anything that I'd like. Sure, I'm studying other languages on my own, but my 3-10 schedule has its advantages and disadvantages. This is something about which I know I'm going to think when wintertime comes...when I must leave from my humble abode of an apartment and go to work.

前に、私が私の友人にと言った、不職の日が時々で寂しいだ。育てられたいた家が嫌いけど、幾つかの様相が寂しいだ。所得がじないのが寂しくけど、なんでもするにことが出来るのがとっても寂しい。 うん、自分で他の言語を勉強している。だけど、授業の時間割は3時〜10時のは、有利と不利がある。冬季が来いって、低いのアパートから出るが早いか、これは何かを考える。

(日本語文法が >< だわ。)  T_T。

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