Thursday, December 25, 2008

Generalized text messages on the cell phone. Couples most gaudily exhibiting their newest fashion: each other. Consumption. These are what Christmas Day is about here in Korea.

Like much of mainstream fashion, however, nothing was particularly appealing. The male models for this 'love' fashion weren't even that appealing, contrary to what one would expect on such a gaudy holiday as Christmas Day--especially in as superficial a country as Korea city as Seoul.

Imagine an immensely underdressed Holly Golighty, sans the sunglasses and Danish pastry, avec a handbag tearing through her trapezius and rendering her clavicular snap imminent--wholly unimpressed by that which is being displayed in the window (or windows, rather). Better yet, factor in the trans-display window fleers, and you have the nightmare of Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. This is much what going out in Seoul on Christmas Day has been...minus the nightmare part.

That was at COEX, but Seocho's multitude seemed to have congregated at where else other than...the bookstore. Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Studying? Having been temporarily oblivious of the fact that Korean parents try to turn their children into little supercomputers, I was surprised to have seen so many people in the bookstore (!) on Christmas Day. Dorks. 8-) Or who's the grander dork for being 70,000 won (= 0.70 USD) less rich (won)/ poorer (USD)?

Mission Accomplished--I bought at least one new book. On to Holly's Coffee: today, an otherwise barren franchise, save the patches of scattered couples and others who have dared to go out and about in Seoul garbed in their singlehood--some wearing it with grace; others wearing it like something from Old Navy...Sears...Walmart...something that is worn when one runs out of laundry, even. Wait, did I just mention Walmart twice? Apparently this is also the place where little trinkets of surprise drop in:

  • Two of my newest coworkers come in and stay for a while. It was a nice surprise.

Dear God,

Thank you for the internet. You are always here for me, and You're quite amazing.


Vacuous Girl.

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