Friday, April 17, 2009

At 9:23 a.m., spring, which has finally become more of a permanence in Chicago for the season, has already made this as good of a morning as "good" is going to get here. Furthermore, the Korean won has been gradually crawling up and out of the mudslide into which it had been pitched.

South Korea Won United States Dollars
1 KRW = 0.000752955 USD 1 USD = 1,328.10 KRW

The won still has much climbing to do before reaching its previous trading par (1 KRW = 0.001 USD; 1 USD = 1,000 KRW) with the United States. Nevertheless now is possibly a better time than later to finally do away with this lingering, impeding prudence that has come with having to wish my valueless Korean paychecks a bon voyage.

After receiving the portion of the money to be remitted, I'll have the power to Astroboy (鉄腕アトム, literally meaning "strong/iron arm atom") away at least some of the hindrances that have been weighing upon me.

Speaking of Astroboy, Japan's little beloved superhero, who has been exported and ♥ed beyond Japan, one may watch the dubbed episodes of this decades-old show on YouTube (as well as a crescive list of other TV shows old and new):

That episode shows how Astroboy came to be, which is rather sad, actually.

Surely we know that the superheroes (i.e. with supernatural abilities) don't exist, so this will be a jaggedly rocky transition to reality. Apparently, our "war on drugs is turning out rather well thanks to Mexico's contribution" because the price of cocaine, for most of whom demand is inelastic (as mentioned in the comments section), is increasing. This "war" on illicit drugs has no particularly simple solution, and Mexico is only a convenient node of drug supply. Curtailing or eliminating supply will be ineffectual, and curtailing demand would prove to be an even more difficult feat, whose achievement would not be wholly effectual, either. Some have proposed legalization as the solution, which has surely been met with warranted criticism. Absolute legalization and absolute prohibition are two options that don't seem to be permanently viable. An incentive program would be costly and likely to create some sort of effervescent effect within and among the drug-free masses. An exhaustive list of effects need to be taken into account on reaching a viable solution to the lolwar on drugs.

Less hyped in the media and sans bellum is the lethal lust for "beautification". In this particular case, it's a lust for silicone, made from silicon, the second most abundant natural element on Earth. On a mission to denature displeasing aspects of him- (yes, men are injected as well) or herself, these men and women are financially repelled by professional institutions. Therefore they are left to wayfare into the market of unlicensed yes people or friends of friends, who fit within their budget sets. The risk? Embolism, which would make such injections even more costly (obviously one could pay as much as his or her life for that coveted artificial bubble butt or jawline). Hopefully a lesson learned here is that substituting with cosmetic surgical procedures outside the medical boundaries increases your risk of post-"procedural", misprocedurally (neologism)-induced death by about 234928%.

Also risky is being an alcoholic sire...wait, and being a possibly unwed, anger-feeding mother? Surely this is a no-brainer, but this differs from the second (but not necessarily the first) of the abovementioned situations in the way that collateral physical damage can be--and has been in this case--done. This cannot have been recession-induced (see previous entry regarding increasing child abuse in Taiwan) because the relationship apparently had been a 12-year-long turbulent ride. (The common sense) lesson to be learned: don't drink and parent? Don't place children in the line of fire?

There is too much with which we need to deal and that we need to tolerate in the real world. Brb @ retreating to my own little low-vex world.