Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vexed even by cybersocial life (the all-too-surrogate irl), a great way to attenuate--or even eliminate--such vexation is investing in TV shows. What a wonderful pretext: catching up on soap operas that had been neglected for months to "zap the frustrations away". Unfortunately shows such as Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, The Office, House, M.D., The Big Bang Theory, Dexter, and Weeds (fortunately all aired episodes have been seen) are being saved for the next days of freedom.

After years of following these stories on daytime TV, they still serve as a utility. It is that sometimes/oftimes needed interface between reality and fiction pseudo-reality...that link to a temporary existential escape of sorts. Rather than investing any thought in this lack of a life and observing being apprised of the mostly joyous accounts of others' oftimes presumably real lives (this is, after all, teh intarnetz) at the risk of being potentially intrusive (or even obtrusive), all of which are conducive to reflexive cathexis of this torrent of anger, it seems more practicable way to make this torrent subside is to "de-existentiate" by observing the Joyous interwoven with the Woeful in the fictional "lives" of those in this other "world" where the viewer needn't think about being an intrusion or obtrusion on any level.

Here's a sneak peek of what goes on in the "other world":

This is a/n historic clip, for it is the first lesbian wedding on a mainstream daytime soap opera. Of course the marriage lasted for all but 3.5 x 10-21 seconds, but it is still historic in the way that the viewers have been confronted with the issue of homosexual marriage--especially that between homosexual women. Homosexual marriage between lesbians can be advocated much more easily than such marriage between men, though many would surely disagree. It would have been a more beautiful wedding had Infidelity not intervened on the eve of the wedding.

This next video is a clip in which the ubiquitous (by which I mean...within America) diva Erica Kane indulges in a narcissistic dump of previously suppressed anger on Ryan Lavery, a soap vet whose hunk/gorilla status has outlasted his abs.

Meanwhile, as a regression to reality, economic pressure is still mounting against the masses, causing many to simply fold. For example, child abuse in Taiwan has notably increased, possibly due to the recession. In America, some men are feeling pressurized into having their vasa deferentia clipped and clamped. Fear ye not, however, for if there should be a rebound from this recession--even an, *gasp*, expansion, then these men can have the procedure reversed and return to producing new heirs and heiresses albeit at a relatively hefty sum.

On the other hand, some clamps are being loosened: For the first time in contemporary Saudi Arabia, a black imam in Saudi Arabia leads prayer in the Grand Mosque in Mecca, the Holy Land of the Islamic faith. Thanks to his recitation skills and his voice, he was chosen by a rather moderate King Abdullah. Whatever the reason(s) may be, this may serve as a scintillation of change in Saudi Arabia...a scintillation that might even catalyze further changes that are to come. Or not, but King Abdullah is 84 years old, which means that Time is somewhat against him. He is not the only one against whom Time is ticking. I.e. It's high time an escape be made from places that seem to function as perfect vacuums and that a rush forth at the speed of light--or the speed at which a plane travels to a given destination--be made.

To infinity--and beyond. ...Tomorrow.

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