Friday, May 01, 2009

Welp, it's the first of May and the plentiful latter days of April showers seem to have brought about the emergence of a few May flowers. Those "flowers" are indeed the ubiquitous dandelions that sprout up as profusely as pimples on the faces of adolescents. This is at least an account of my view from the window of this room, in which I have become increasingly enclosed.

April lowers are naturally expected to bring May highers--for instance, higher temperatures. During the last weekend in April, Dismal Chicago was hit by temperatures redolent of the beginning of summertime: 80 degrees with a considerable percentage of humidity. Spoiled this city was for two days. Unfortunately yet not unexpectedly, the heat wave left Chicago, and Chicago was left with its all too vacillating weather--e.g. 46 high with rain, 68 high with rain, and 55 high with partial cloudiness, the latter being the weather that started off the Chicagoan's month of May. It wouldn't be too soon for the May highers to arrive and stay a while until the June even highers.

Also part of these May highers is the very much anticipated awakening of my comatose purchasing power. The Korean bank checks safely arrived in Korea to a friendly ex-coworker. The express mail service through which he said that he would send the converted cash couldn't be express enough. May this converted capital safely arrive in the hands of this abject soul that is all too ready to squander it on Wii, PS3, a new external hard drive, and much needed headphones (since it had been assumed safe to forsake the cheap pairs in Korea). No, that's a lie, for not all of the Korean checks were sent. However, the very much needed external hard drive is certainly being considered (the first one has become demential).

Aside: Had I sent the entire amount to Korea, oh, the next blog post would have had jpgs of the Wii and PS3 that I certainly would have bought...and jpgs of me giving a CYA wave and deleting from irl.

In the meantime, the battle against trichotillomania will continue to be unfought, neuronal loss will continue at a rate of 100,000/day, this (for which I will long even more once I finish the last episode of the series):

♥ (No, I didn't just hear about and start watching this show; I just never finished watching every episode.)

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