Saturday, May 21, 2011

A dear friend of mine--a bosom-separated-by-hundreds-of-miles buddy of mine, if you will--has more or less brought to my attention my more or less (or more) inadvertent marginalization of this blog. It is my friend--whose name may or may not be flanked with an S and an a on the ends--to whom homage ought to be paid for this entry.

Amidst the rifts and rises to revolutions grazing the span of the Greater Middle East--and the seismic, tsunam'ic', and nuclear devastations that have torn families asunder and displaced even thousands more from their homes, I have been living (a rather magnanimous usage of the word) a rather quaint, inhebetating life--besmirched by the guilt of not being a component of the active force in the buoying of spirits and/or in the (relative) restoration of the country (or in anything, to be quite honest). However, I was rather undeservèdly blessed last month, à la Facebook, with a reunion of many of those whom I have regarded as familial friends over the years. As was forecast by many (but still was wished against by me and surely a handful of others), this approximate reconstruction of the past was short-lived like every 'bundle of time continuum' that we wish we could defy laws and being(s)/Being in order to make last until every derivative of pleasure is consumed and exhausted.

What did result from this reunion, however, was my having met three amazing women who came to visit this native city of mine. This is something of which I'm most appreciative, and I hope for the opportunity to share some of what I venture to presume will be future time here on Earth (no, I'm not alluding to this viroid apocalyptic scare) with each of them; I should only hope that they would like that at least half as much as I would.

That is a pretty relevant summation of what my life has been since my last update--other than two of my best friends from high school having returned to this city--only to have remigrated to the South. I am very happy for them, however, for they seem to be enjoying their time there--just as the bosom-buddy from hundreds of miles away, who brought to mind this blog, is most likely enjoying reading this post in her elegant Barnes & Noble home. :)

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