Sunday, July 31, 2011

Reading about this debt limit drama has been as exciting as watching an episode of Passions back in the day. (For those fortunate enough not to have been acquainted with Passions, you just need to know that it was a terrible, incredibly boring soap opera.) An accord has been reached, but it certainly will not be the last that Americans the world shall hear of it.

Surely it affects each one of us, but thanks to the constant stream of headlines and opinions of everyone from each ideological and/or partisan antipode (and everyone in-between) in the politicosphere, this has become more of a force-fed issue -- much like that worst-tasting (yet healthy) Gerber spinach baby food* ** *** that we would either swallow with praises from Mother and/or Father or spit out (and sometimes at then-bepeeved Mother and Father). It's making me want to retreat from the news media until this, well, never dies down.

* As an adult (of sorts), this would now probably taste good.
** Gerber spinach baby food shall be tasted at some point.
*** P(not A) = 1 (I totally won't remember to try this.)

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