Sunday, March 09, 2008

Firstly, 안 녕 하재 요.  
I'm here at work again.  This time, I had my MacBook accompany me, because the Windows version installed on the computers runs in Korean...and I am a tad bit illiterate (I know a good portion of the alphabet) and semantically challenged when it comes to the Korean language.  Therefore, I have no idea how to download the Japanese and Farsi fonts that I'd so wish to utilize during my hiatuses from teaching.  Besides, I don't even have to download said fonts on the MacBook.

I came to work nearly an hour-and-a-half early, since there are infinite opportunities available to those who have 1,000 won to their names (i.e. me).  However, I just talked to my boss, and he said that I'd be able to receive an advance, which I knew would be possible.  I just have no idea how long it would take for the company to actually invest in my...survival.  I'll basically be sustaining myself on Oreos tonight, since they cost less than 1,000 won.  

I partook in fun times for the majority of this weekend.  I drank with coworkers--and amazingly finished a cup of beer--and gormandized on a plate of fried chicken on Friday.  Subsequent to investing in Pinguescent Me's well-being, I purchased this delicious blueberry-flavored vodka drink from Family Mart.  It was amazing, and I was quite tempted to further deplete my funds by purchasing another one.  Had I not been too faineant and willing to go down seven floors, then I very much would have done so.  Ugh, too good.  =(

I idled around the Seocho area on Saturday, in hopes of finding the Costco that apparently is located in the area.  Three wrong directions later, I noticed that there was no way to facilely traverse the mountainous area (i.e. by foot).  The idling wasn't a complete waste of life, though, for I was able to become somewhat more oriented to the surroundings.  I then headed to Yongsan to buy necessary items from the inexpensive department store E Mart.  Yongsan is where the military base is located, but the base is being displaced further south because of the problems with those in the military.  Military men *shimmies*.  Anyhow, I think that I am going to purchase the clownfish that I saw there...when my influx of monetary goodness actually starts one month from now. =)  It will be rather costly to maintain it, but I've wanted saltwater fish (especially clownfish) since my more youthful years.  The clownfish itself is only 15,000 won, which doesn't seem like a bad price at all here in Seoul.
Anyhow, after returning to my apartment, I was ready to go to Itaewon with my co-workers and co-tenants Rebecca and Brian, and co-workers Steve and Michael, who are from a nearby apartment.  Itaewon is the Roppongi of Korea:  saturated with foreigners and, sometimes, trouble.  I only enjoyed the Moroccan restaurant Marrakech.  I had Tobauly, and the owners of the restaurant were quite polite.  However, the bar to which we went afterward was filled with foreign people--many of whom seemed to be homosexuals.  Well, our group actually sat next to a gay couple that was heading to another location in the area.  Speaking of homosexuality, it was once again made known to me that I'm noticeably gay, even when first encountered.  =S  Perhaps I am still naïve when it comes to others' gaydars, but I've always thought that my gayness only effulges after having known and befriended someone.
Well, since Steve, Rebecca, and I were not really fond of the Itaewon area, we headed to Hyundai, where we patronized a bar called Gogos.  Hyundai also seems to have quite a number of foreigners, but there were a number of Korean patrons at Gogos as well.  I had a Milk.  =D  It reminded me of Kahlúa's vast amazingness.  It was the only drink that I had, though.  It lasted me for about half an hour, since I was rather frugal with its consumption.  During that time, Steve and I fleered at this one guy who was trying too hard to be a scenester:  he sported the black tie (likely a clip-on), black-framed glasses, and the short-sleeved collared shirt.  (He actually ended up introducing himself to Steve a few minutes later.)

After Gogos, we went to Ska, and we danced for a while.  It felt great to dance again, albeit I'm relatively out of shape (as if I were ever "in shape").  Rebecca can dance to Latin music really well; I've been inspired to take lessons...provided that I actually remember to do so at some point, I'll actually learn.

Later that night, we haphazardly ran into Brian in FF, where we spent a few minutes before deciding to head back home.  Having been three or four in the morning, we were starting to become rather fatigued after the alcohol consumption and dissipated energy from gyrating and jumping about the place.  

Yesterday (Sunday) was rather eventful.  After a breakfast buffet (thanks to Brian), we went shopping in Jamsil (sp?), which comprised a huge mall with indoor rides, a place that seemed like a miniature amusement park, and an area where one can try out an array of guns.  Then, there was the huge outdoor market at ? Station (Hyoroyeong??) in downtown Seoul, near Seoul Station.  However, I went back to my apartment after that, knowing that I'll be returning to that area to satiate my materialistic needs.  =P  I learned some more Farsi, and blew out the power supply to my external hard drive.   That infuriated me, for I loaded that hard drive with a shitload of files--so I'm really hoping that the power supply is the only thing that was ruined...due to the voltage differences (?).  If the entire hard drive is ruined, then I. Am. Fucked.  (and that would mean that I lost a crap ton of information.)  

Well, that's a synopsis of what happened this weekend.  Since I have about 50 minutes until class, I'm going to go and actually prepare for them.   Auf  @