Thursday, March 06, 2008

So, here I am nearly two years later on Blogspot. In the interstices of time between posts, I completed my year-long contract with NOVA Group of Japan (only to have residual problems of a pecuniary nature with them), existentially atrophied for a little over half a year in my home town, and I serendipitously was found and called on by a Korean English-teaching company. So I am currently amidst a melange of Korean and foreign English teachers alike, taking the time to archive a bit of my life here in central Seoul.

What I find particularly delightful is the fact that I won't be depleted of a significant portion of my income each month, as I do not have to pay for it. Complementarily delightful is the fact that my purchasing power has been expanded here. W00t. However, the frigid temperatures and a perceived paucity of physically allicient and relatively complaisant men have been sort of a cock an assblock...which I've seemed not to mind as much as I possibly should. However, my friend Rebecca and I have been enjoying each other's company as often as is possible, since the division of labor has landed us on separate floors of the building.

I'll try to frequent this blog as often as I had been frequenting my LiveJournal, but I won't hold myself to it.

lol @ posting this message the day after it had been started.

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