Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I feel like a 蜗牛 ! right now. Today is Wednesday, though; that makes it semi-O.K. I have a two-and-a-half-hour hiatus between classes, and Somnolence seems to have the best of me at the moment. >,< As per usual, the mocha mix has had no effect on me (yet).

My weekend was not incredibly eventful, but I did monetarily make a profit. I Rosario-ed on Saturday afternoon: I cleaned one of my coworker's house for 50,000 won. It wasn't difficult in the least: I had to clean the very slightly unclean bathroom, sweep the floor, wash the dishes, and ensure that the dog wasn't desolate--none of which was hard to do at all.

Then I went to Gangnam, in which another Kyobo bookstore is located. I left that one rather vexed, for there were hardly any other books in English that were for learning foreign languages (there were none for learning Arabic). I know that I'm a foreigner in Korea, but I would still think that there would be an array of books from which I could choose that weren't about learning the Korean language. I'm not trying to compare Japan with Korea, but there was an ample amount of these books in Kinokuniya. I appreciate Korea and the opportunity of being here, but I also value bookstores (and the books that are available in them). Nonetheless, I do have my eye on a book that teaches Hanja (the Chinese characters that are used in the Korean language). Besides, my experience at that bookstore was possibly tainted by the fact that it was cold and raining outside. :(

Later on that night, I went out with my coworkers to Hyundai. Some of us parted ways at the first floor: Gogo's was upstairs; FF was downstairs. Brian and I had gone to Gogo's, but we then decided to join the others at FF, since 10,000 won = free drinks for an hour. I mean, the free alcohol came in small Dixie paper cups, but $10 for all the rum and coke and gin and tonic you can imbibe in an hour... was more than satisfactory to me. Of course, Smart Me would have five different cups (total, between the two drinks) on a rather vacuous stomach. Regardless, I still enjoyed myself...until I had thought that everyone had abandoned me in the basement-club.

Of course, I really disliked that feeling. Therefore, I was rather aloof for the rest of the night that I had been among them. As I went to mingle with other patrons of the bar (during one of the many times that we were in and out of the bar), I met two fabulous girls, one of whose names was Ana. I remember one Korean man telling me that he would have sex with me (he wasn't repulsive at all, so I have no idea why I didn't) and another grabbing me and holding his fist up as if he were ready to punch me. Storytime.

Somewhat Tipsy/pixilated/whatever Me and one of the girls were talking to this one Korean man. She was telling me how he apparently sports a pretty hot body underneath the sweater that he had been wearing. He lifted up his sweater to humor her (and me? Maybe?). I pointed and giggled, but it wasn't a fleering giggle; I just couldn't see anything but part of the stomach, which had some hair that resembled a trying but failing happy trail. Anyhow, at that moment, he took me by the collar of my shirt blouse and held his fist in the air. I was spared, thanks to my somewhat new(ly-made) acquaintance. (I recall not even being remotely fearful of him, lolol.) After the "misunderstanding", he tried to ingratiate himself with me through apologies, compliments, and . I suppose that this was in hopes of convincing me to convince my newly-made acquaintance to go home with him that night. Or morning. Either way, I clearly was to have none of his cajolery. So I distanced myself from him.

All I remember transpiring after that is...well, being awoken by a Korean woman with a broom in her hand. The sky indicated that it was indeed around that time that the sunrise usually begins. "Shit," I thought to myself, "everyone else has most likely been gone for hours." What did this mean? No division of the taxi fare among the four or five of us...because of the lack of an "us" part.

Auf Wiedersehen @ another 11,000 won. :(

This is a rather expensive taxi ride in Seoul, but roughly $11 would get you approximately two miles(?) in Tokyo. However, this is my first month in Korea, and I still have fifteen days (as of today) before my bank account is replete with won! Ergo, I must be thrifty with the little amount of won that still remains in my bank account. (which likely won't be happening).

That was Saturday/early Sunday. I didn't do much of anything on Sunday because.



It was also cold. What a discombobulating combination, if I may say so myself. So I took Rebecca to a nearby 김밥 restaurant, and we both had donggasu. Then, we both returned to the apartment complex and parted ways. I furthered my knowledge of Persian and watched House for the rest of the day. (One more episode, and I'll finally be finished with the first season.)

I really need to stop posting these entries the day after I started them. Though, between last night and tonight, I had to deal with an unruly class, and I partook in Random Wednesday Night Intoxication--which happened outside of a 7-11 that will be closed in two days. Boisterousness and some vandalism by one of us that was there did land us in a little bit of trouble.

...and right as I finish this, the bell for class ended. That means that I have eight minutes until one of my classes actually starts.

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