Friday, November 21, 2008

What a wonderful day to be Friday! ^^ There seems to be a relief from the seemingly intempestive cold that penetrated the bowels of Seoul three days ago. Clueless as to the longevity of this relief, wishful thinking has me imploring for an extension to January--or when my contract expires in March.

In addition, my Korean co-worker opened up and told me about the distress that accompanies the daunting task of parleying with nitpicky harpies whose joi de vivre seems to be instilling fear in our laboring souls, making us fearful of being sent to the vicious abattoir for employees--and in Korea, this fear is very much warranted. Anyhow, it was great that she shared this with me...even if it was under duress.

Of course, the fact that it is Friday just makes this day that much sweeter. I mean, it is the end of what is oftimes an abysmal week otherwise. With this unexpected warming, I may even have to make plans to go somewhere new this weekend. :O Your Local Recluse, however, has a party to attend this weekend--a party to which he had thought that he would not have ended up being invited. Hopefully it won't just result in me entropizing what will otherwise have been a perfect gathering comprising the perfect crowd of and the perfect chemistry between guests.

On a completely different tangent, I happened to come across this pulchritudinal, studly little gem whilst leaving a little trinket or so of my own on one of my friends' walls on Facebook:

Sure, China may be a cauldron of opportunistic fails (some epic; some not), natural disasters, and people...but it sure can produce some Adonic creatures. < / ludicrous reverie >

More amusing is the fact that my friend Greg caught me in flagrante delicto perusing the album of this beauty, in which there are pictures of him at nearly all angles. ;)

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