Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yes! Not only do I have at least one reader from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mauritania, and Iceland, but also I have a reader! ^^ I am grateful that he has deemed my blog worthy of following! :)

Yes! I also found an article in which the word Schadenfreude was used! It's a wonderful word to have reserved in one's vocabulary bank, though a spoonful is a vast understatement...and it isn't limited to just parents. The spirit of Schadenfreude is very much alive and well in my classes here; rather than worry about themselves and whether they are fine, they tend to fixate (some to a greater extent than others) on the problems of others...many jumping at the opportunity to exacerbate those problems.

On a completely different note, the Korean soldier who had taken down my email address in Cheorwon emailed me a few days ago! ^^ The email was entitled "Hi, My Friend"! What a wonderful prelude to a message that you know is not unfiltered spam mail.

It snowed this afternoon! Thank goodness for the precipitation because it was obnoxiously frigid yesterday and Tuesday. Seeing the snow falling this afternoon reminded me of Day One in Korea; it snowed a few hours after one of my coworkers and I had arrived in Seoul. What I'm hoping is that it won't seem as if I'm living in Siberia or Ellesmere Island in Nunavut when February arrives.

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