Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Here it is, Thanksgiving Day. Due to the precipitation, it feels as if the temperature has dropped about 293487987 Kelvins. It totally doesn't feel like Thanksgiving, and it's one of the parts about being back in the States that I actually miss. I did absolutely nothing, and my hearty Thanksgiving meal actually consisted of nothing. I did get to spend Thanksgiving Day with the only three foreign teachers I like at my job the workplace.

In addition to having a job and wherewithal--some things that are not guaranteed--I'm thankful for having spent the day (working hours) with the three aforementioned...though it was sort of forced. I was also introduced to an application-game on Facebook that was worth joining.

I really didn't think about the facts that (a) today = Thanksgiving Day, and (b) it doesn't feel like Thanksgiving Day...but being at home in my apartment certainly had me thinking about these facts. The morbid depression.

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