Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I am seven minutes tardy in making this a November 15th post, and I won't alter the date and time of the post (I see doing that as some sort of 'cheating'; I attach some sort of opprobrium to doing it.)

As it nears Thanksgiving, I grow more and more excited. Attenuating that excitement, however, are concerns about this Thanksgiving not being a white one (i.e. part of my idyllic Thanksgiving Day). This certainly wouldn't serve to allay such concerns:

(Oh, bit.ly has a new look.)

However, this does:


Prestidigitation with my heart is prestidigitation with my heart is prestidigitation with my heart. Quit playing games with my heart, please.

Here are more of the tables that have induced a phobia for All Things Data Entry within me (I still do it for my benefit in the foreseeable future):


deadAdmin said...

nice share! i love to learn some japanese language. its just so cool!

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The Supine, Folliculating Ignivomous Harpy said...

Thanks but it's Chinese. :p