Friday, March 13, 2009

I meant to start this blog entry as I was depolarizing these tense relations between my beloved Flock browser and me. Marital bliss can endure only so much, even on the internet.

While I'm not near divorcing this browser, it sure has been testing aforesaid marital bliss. Much like a man, a browser should possess those same gravitating traits as its anthropic counterpart: endurance, stability, moderately well-endowed...just to list a few. I've already expanded on how well-endowed Flock is, but an assessment of the other two traits would have been too immature at the time of that blog entry. Flock can endure quite a bit of browsing and caching, much like its relative, Firefox; Flock was open for one week (with several tabs, a few cookie-purgings, and the browser having been left running the entire time) before it forced itself to quit. Also like its relative, Flock provides one with the option of restoring one's previous session. Win.

However, endurance and stability are jeopardized when syndication (RSS feeds, Facebook feeds) and streamline media (YouTube) factor into the equation. I've quit YouTube for a while, but that streamline media also includes online games. Flock was not merciful when it came to classic (in my mind) gems of games called TyperShark (that link may or may not work) and Super Mario Bros. 2 (as purveyed by the awesome NES Emulator on Facebook). Good times with frame delays and browser freezes were had, which naturally led to immature losses in each game (especially Super Mario Bros. 2). >< These freezes have continued to this very minute, and as vexed as I am by that gay spinning pie, I'm on a browsing and site-discovering high, which is making me reluctant to purge my cookies and close the browser.

Or, I'm just too lazy to log back in to all the profile-based sites.

To further procrastinate in failing to remember an uncomfortably large portion of my Chinese vocabulary compounds, I will provide you with some of these pearly sites that I've just so happened to encounter:

Topix: An amalgamator of news that also focuses on gathering local news based on one's location settings. It also has a forum, in which several random topics from "What do white women find attractive about black men?" (I neither asked nor searched for anything race-related) to "bless the Jews" (ditto) may be found.

Aside: I like how the above mentioned forum on attractions to black men provided me with an advertisement for an interracial dating site. I didn't feel like putting in my email address and concocting a screenname of Awesome to register for the site.

Webster's Online Dictionary on Steroids: A multi-lingual dictionary (translator-[or translator-wannabe]-friendly) that provides copious amounts of information on its entries, some of which include orthography via dancing men. The home page even provides a cluster map so that one may see the worldly distribution of users. (There are some Mauritanian users, but apparently no Cuban users.)

Progress of translation of blog entries= 0%. Obviously I'm too shy atm. Or procrasting. I'll start it...tomorrow. Talking to Keith. Must think of smart things to say.

Update: Failed @

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