Saturday, March 21, 2009

Manumitted from the crushing shackles of total hebetation and the somewhat lonesome life in front of a computer screen, your wee Mercurial One escaped this weekend to irl... even if just for a little while.

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A 55-degree day in the middle/latter part of March was not a day to be inside passively atrophying. So, as had previously been planned, Boystown and downtown Chicago were graced by our presences. Even though the pictures that are posted here from Photobucket apparently count toward the 1 GB of allotted space, this post will be illustrated.

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The restaurant of choice in Boystown (the 100% natural fruit of Chicago) was the famous Clarke's, at which two plates of fries, soup (chili?), and quadruply-stacked pancakes were consumed. Not having eaten sumptuously in a while is conducive to more gluttonous behavior when given the opportunity.

Consumption didn't stop at food...well, it did for your More Budget-Bound One. Therefore, DSW was the next destination. Partaking in the joys of shoe-shopping was rather enlightening like a refresher course in regards to the wherefores of women's adoration of shoes and their consumption, including a Reminder to Self - Buy:

Why do women adore shoes? The myriad choices of design, color, heel length, platform height, cuteness factor, matching opportunities (and the combination of all these factors)...not to mention the longevity and the fact that they're so easy to consume. The opposite sex, on the other hand, is restricted to a dismal clump of choices regarding shoes, which only attract me if there is a particular luster to them...a luster that lasts for so long between vexatious shoe-shines. *Expires.*

DSW was the climax of the day's shopping. Many of the shops that were on Gay Street proper (Halsted) were unwelcoming with their obligatory bag checks at the door, particularly unwelcoming for one who may be carrying three bags. Of course the store selling the little accoutrements that hyperbolize sexuality and defiance had to have the attitudinal employees regarding the baggage check. Surprise, surprise. Some of the accoutrements were cute and not overpriced, but that's not to say that anything was acutally bought.

Somewhat offended by these store-to-store baggage checks--and after all the fruitery one can take for the day, downtown was next on the itinerary...not without a picture or two first:

After these pictures, the train came, and of course train rides= seeing blasts from the past...and apparently saying nothing to them.

Next stop: Nordstrom. The store? No, the shopping mall whose main department store is Nordstrom. Most of the time was not spent shopping but doing the exact opposite: loitering. With a Todacosa bag overflowing with a mélange of shades of eye shadow (imported by way of return from Korea), said loitering was not difficult:

Neverminding what looks like deformity, behold that color palette. Also, behold random snapshot of window display:

Loitering, Nordstrom visit, Sephora visit, a walk past Armani Exchange seeing a douche oops, a DJ in the window, loitering outside deciding upon a place to have dinner. Seeing the A|X DJ on a cigarette break (the man in the black to the right):

+2 gratuitous downtown pictures:

California Pizza Kitchen was the eatery of choice. Though CPK is an eat-in restaurant, a distended stomach turned it into a take-out-for-the-next-day. There was also a divulgence of information which seemed more like a jeopardizing evisceration. What were the disclosed contents? Nothing save what had been known but never really discussed so directly. Insight was gained from it nonetheless.

Like all good and interesting days, yesterday came to an end at 10:30, but not without tomorrow's (today's) breakfast and lunch (a chicken sandwich with a mélange of other ingredients). Today those were heartily consumed with the regret that more weren't available.

Now, to overcome the fear of sending my enabler (the Korean money unexchangeable here in America) on an unaccompanied trip overseas...

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